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Magenta stems hold emerald green leaves that are the backdrop for intense purple pods, born from canary yellow flowers with amber throats. The tasty purple pods are 5-8".

Carmine Splendor

Deep red when small and turns to a lighter red/pink when larger.

Clemson Spineless

Also known as Lady’s Fingers, are wonderfully versatile and tasty vegetables. They are eaten par-boiled, fried, roasted or added to stews, soups and curries.


This was our 2013 season winner. Beautiful dark green pods are great eating and so are their flowers! Stuffed okra flowers has yet to become a culinary craze, but only because it probably cost prohibative.


Zarah has a tall open plant growth that makes picking okra easier.The pods are fancy, slender, very dark green and stay tender even when long.

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