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Alcosa (Savoy)-mini

Small, dense, crinkled heads. Early producer of round, 2-4 lb., deep blue-green heads. Alcosa's well-packed, thin, yellow interior leaves quickly fill in, making it a smart choice for closely spaced plantings of mini cabbages.

Asia Express

Smooth, round, green mini 4-6" diameter: tender, sweet and peppery leaves.

Bilko Napa

Large 12" Napa, sweet mild flavor darker green outer leaves.


Round dense heads with fancy wavey wrap. 2-5lbs heads. Our main crop.

Caraflex - early green

Cone-shaped, pointed mini cabbage.Extremely uniform, small heads with good wrapper leaves for insect and sun protection. Inner leaves are tender and have an excellent, rich cabbage flavor. Perfect for summer salads, slaws, or cooked dishes.


Up to 6 lbs of tender delicious mild-flavored leaves - cook quickly for stirfry and excellent in a fresh salad.


Round, mini cabbage for high-density plantings. Dense, uniform, sweetly spicy mini heads from 4-6" in diameter. Common in European supermarkets.

Minuet Napa

Small, 9" x 7" heads with dark green outer leaves and an attractive yellow interior. Wonderful, perfumed, light, sweet taste. These have pright, well-packed heads.

Red Express

Extra-early red. Compact plants and solid, round, 2-4 lb. heads with good appearance and flavor.

Super Red 80 - mini

The round, medium-sized heads are well-wrapped, smooth and resist splitting. Flavor is superior for red cabbage: tender, crisp, and pleasantly peppery.

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