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This large and fancy blocky yellow bell is field grown with a greenhouse look.
Aji Dolce
We are growing Aji Dolce for Carla & Adrienne Ramos from It looks like a red habanero and has the same aromatic essence and flavor found in habaneros, BUT it has no heat.This pepper is used to season dishes and is an important ingredient for sofrito, a sauce used in several Latin American cuisines.
Golden yellow, thick walled 4-5" long deliciously sweet and fruity, trios with Lipstick and Glow for colorful tasty mix.
Biscayne Biscayne
Early, productive Cubanelle. Avg. 6" x 2 1/4", cylindrical, lobed-end fruits famous for frying. Unripe color is pale green.
Carmen Carmen
Best tasting sweet frying Italian pepper - corno di toro type. Carmen has a lovely sweet taste for salads and roasting, especially when partially or fully red-ripe.
Corno di Toro Corno di Toro
The largest of the sweet stuffing peppers, it is first-rate, fresh or roasted. Fruits turn a stunning red or brilliant yellow when ripe and have a long, curved, tapering, non-bell shape.
Cupid is truly a Mini-Red-Bell. Just stunning and postiviely delicious. Great snacking, perfect for stuffing and as a fresh eating snack.
Early Sunsation
Large smooth 4" fruits are just lovely for everything you want to do with a yellow pepper.  :-)
Biscayne Flamingo
Peppers turn from ivory yellow to orange red when mature. Its flavor is sweet and succulent, delicious in salads or very good for pickling.
Flavor Burst Yellow Flavor Burst
Sweet juicy thick flesh matures from a bright apple green rapidly to a vibrant yellow/orange-bright sunny waxy yellow. It is a 3-lobbed, slightly tapered bell that has excellent sweet flavor.
Bright orange, thick walled 4-5" long, deliciously sweet - trios with Lipstick and Aura for colorful pepper mix.
Early orange bell has thick juicy walls and fruity sweet taste. Medium-large, very blocky fruits are bigger than Corona and easier to grow under a wider variety of conditions.
Large, firm, 4 x 4 3/4 in / 10 x 10.5 cm, 4 lobed, uniform fruit are produced on extra large, continuously setting erect plants. Very dark green smooth skin.
Many consider Lipstick the most delicious sweet pepper. Heavy, attractive, dark green fruits are about 4" long and taper to a blunt point. They ripen to a glossy, rich red. Thick, juicy, and sweet for salads and cooking, and perfect for roasting and salsa.
Lunchbox Orange
Beautiful Mini Snack peppers that came from Johnny's breeding program - they are remarkably sweet and flavorful. Delicious sauteed, great in salads and perfect for a healthy snack. Come in Red, Yellow and Orange.
Lunchbox Red
Beautiful Mini Snack peppers that came from Johnny's breeding program - they are remarkably sweet and flavorful. Delicious sauteed, great in salads and perfect for a healthy snack. Come in Red, Yellow and Orange.
Lunchbox Yellow
Beautiful Mini Snack peppers that came from Johnny's breeding program - they are remarkably sweet and flavorful. Delicious sauteed, great in salads and perfect for a healthy snack. Come in Red, Yellow and Orange.
Gorgeous pepper that we grow in field but looks like a greenhouse pepper. It's medium sized for the "place-pack" that is widely available during the winter months. A real winner of great sweet taste and fantastic orange color.
Mini Bell Mix Mini Belle Mix
1 1/4" sweet, firm, thick and flavorful. Peppers start green and turn to yellows/red.
Mini Bell Series-Chocolate Mini Bell Series - Chocolate
2" gourmet miniature peppers, full flavor -
dark brown,burgundy.
Olympus is a jumbo pepper. The Pepper averages 4" wide and are slightly elongated in a blocky-bell shape. Very similar to Orion in size and look.
Biscayne Orange Blaze
Expect very sweet flavor and a full orange color.
Orange You Sweet
Orange Hugarian Cheese Pepper - fruits are small flat and round and unlike most other mini peppers they have thick walls. Long shelf life and perfect shape for stuffing. Great fro fresh eating, salsa, canning and pickling!
Super sweet Italian frying-type with spectacular neon orange color. Compliment to our Yellow Xanthi.
Jumbo-sized peppers now available from organic seed. Widely adapted to warm locations in the North, and Florida fall and spring plantings.
Red Beauty
Thick walled, blocky - sweet red bell pepper. We are trying it in the 2014 because it is naturally resistant to Tobacco Mosaic virus.
Red Bull
This is a real stand-out extra large, blocky red bell that can get extra large and ripen to a candy apple red.
Red KnightRed Knight
Red Knight became our favorite Red Bell in 2013. It yielded big, sweet, heavy blocky peppers that matured early to red in the season, it also has good protection against diseases.
Revolution Revolution
This is an outstanding bell pepper variety. Extra-large blocky thick-walled peppers are four-lobed, about 4-1/2 inches long and wide, with firm, thick flesh turning from green to an eventual brilliant red.
Right on Red
Red Hugarian Cheese Pepper - fruits are small flat and round and unlike most other mini peppers they have thick walls. Long shelf life and perfect shape for stuffing. Great for fresh eating, salsa, cannig and pickling!
Rounds of Hungary
Specialty pimento chesse pepper. Ribbed, flattened fruits have very thick, sweet delicious flesh - this pepper tastes divine and is a real treat. Great shape for stuffing, cooking and best of all fresh eating.
This small, sweet , thin-walled glossy green peppers grows up to 3-4" long, Popular in Japan and is highly saught after by chefs.

Tomcat is one nice green pepper - dark green, large fruit are extra hard, heavy and thickwalled. It has a greenhouse-look, slightly smaller that vanguard and has good disease package so it makes it a winner.

Beautiful deep green smooth fruits - might be our favorite green type.

Sweet Yellow Italian frying pepper that is the pure yellow counterpart to Oranos.

Biscayne Yummy HPS Mix
Nearly seedless, crisp and very sweet. Just 2.5" long, these "snack peppers" are great for fresh eating, salsa and anytime you just don't need a big pepper.
Yummy Orange
Petite 2" long apricot orange, extra sweet mini peppers are tender and crisp, nearly seedless and good-keeping.


Anaheim TMR
Aka New Mexican Chile, this is a moderately pungent fruit and is deep green and turns red a full maturity. Peppers are 5.5" long and 2" wide.

Ancho Ancho 211
Most authentic-tasting ancho, slightly thinner walled that Tiburon.
Serrano Del Sol Balada
Perfect for Oriental cuisine. Longer and far skinnier than North American varieties, with thin walls that dry quickly to seal in flavor and heat.
Beautiful Golden Orange Habanero. They are extra large and come in extra early compared to Open Polinated Habaneros.

Small fiery-hot chili fruits - use fresh or great for drying to make hot pepper flakes.

Serrano Del Sol Black Hungarian
Long fiery fruits similar in shape to jalapenos, but shiny black ripening to red. Highly ornamental and useful in the kitchen. Good flavor, medium hot.
Bulgarian Carrot (Chile) Bulgarian Carrot (Chile)
This very heavy-yielding, open-pollinated heirloom variety has a super-hot flavor you'll love!
Cherry Bomb Cherry Big Bomb
2" fruit grow quickly to brilliant red. Moderately pungent with thick walls. Great for stuffing.
Cherry Peppino Cherry Peppino
Attractive hot cherry pepper.
Very dark green glossy fruit. Serranos contribute a very hot, complex earthy flavor to Mexican sauces. Devil has good disease resistance.

Explosive Ember Explosive Ember
Ornamental hot pepper.
The brightest edible ornamental yet.
Even the Leaves are Purple!
Filius Blue Filius Blue
A wonderful, ornamental pepper. These compact plants have
a wonderful bluish tinge and produce lovely, small violet-blue fruit that are quite hot.
Fish Pepper
Very unusual - 1-2" long -striped with creamy white and green eventually turning orange-red. Very hot and used to season fish and shellfish.

Ghost - Bhut Jolokia
One of the hottest peppers in the world... takes a month to germinate... it likes warm summer nights to get the heat on... we grow it because it's a challenge and often asked for.

Golden Cayenne Golden Cayenne
Beautiful lemon Cayenne color. Flavor is intense and hot.
Habanero RedHabanero Red
Hot pepper, bright red color.
Havasa is a Sante Fe/Fresno pepper, 3.5 x 2" conical shaped with thick walls... Usually harvested in a mix ranging from pale yellow to orange and red.

Serrano Del Sol Highlander
Great multi-purpose chile, flesh is thick and crisp and delicious mild heat richly satisfying chile flavor.
Holy Mole Holy Mole
Distinctive nutty spicy flavor in mole sauce 7-9" long. Green/dark chocolate. MILD HEAT.
Hot Rod
Traditional Serrano with 3" fruit.

Hungarian Hot Wax Hungarian Hot Wax
Yellow hot pepper smooth waxy fruits tapering to a point. Thick-flesh for frying. Color changes from yeloow to orange to red. Also a nice pickling pepper. Medium heat.
Serrano Del Sol Hungarian Yellow Wax
The Hungarian wax is a large pepper that tapers to a rounded point and has thin, translucent skin. The waxy skin is flavorful and does not need to be peeled. The pepper has a medium to mild heat.
Hot Paper LanternHot Paper Lantern
Packs the hot punch of a habanero - the fruit is stunning red with with an elongated shape (3-4"long).
Hot Jalapeno Chile El JefeHot Jalapeno Chile El Jefe
Classic Jalapeno with less checks (cracking) - excellent in salsa or stuffed... pickle or eat fresh if you can take the heat. When red these jalapenos are smoked then dried to make CHIPOTLES.
Hot Jalapeno Chile El JefeInferno Hot Banana
8" by 1-1/2" fruits with outstanding flavor - just hot enough to taste good with everything.
Smooth dark fruits are resistant to checks (cracking) which our customers prefer (although surface cracking on jalapenos is a desirable trait south of the border). This is our favorite Jalapeno to grow (great taste and highest yielding).

Jalapeno EarlyJalapeno Early
A very early maturing hot jalapeno pepper. These small green peppers that will slowly turn to red as the fruit matures. Jalapenos are used in a wide variety of recipes. They are popular fresh, cooked, pickled, dried and great in salsa.
Jalapeno Purple Jalapeno Purple
Dark Purple and pretty in our mix - tastes just like a Jalapeno but really brighten that salsa up!
Cayenne Joe Long (Chile) Joe's Long Cayenne (Chile)
It turns bright red for homemade hot sauce and dries well for ristras and delicious, dried hot pepper flakes. The 8-10" long, thin-fleshed fruits taper to a skinny point.
Krimzon Lee
Hot Frying pepper. We have a lot of requests for hot "Italian" frying peppers - this is our choice for a hot frying pepper (although this is not Italian). It has a sweet and spicy thick wall, it is beautiful and big and good for roasting, frying, grilling, salsa and if you can take the warm heat nice in salads.

Lemon Drop Lemon Drop
Terrifically hot, citrus flavored heirloom from Peru. Bright yellow, crinkled, cone shaped 2-1/2" long. The cavity contains very few seeds. They dry very nicely.
Serrano Del Sol Magnum HAbanero
Typical habanero with bonnet shape and a gorgeous shiny bright orange color.
MariachiMariachi Hybrid
This Fresno/Sante Fe is superior size, mild delicate gourmet flavor with fruity overtones great for cooking, grilling, pickling and in salads.
Hot Jalapeno Chile El JefeMaya
Outstanding appearance, flavor, and burn. Peppers are lantern shaped and longer and more slender than a typical habanero, averaging 3-4" long.
Nu Mex Big Jim Anaheim Nu Mex Big Jim Anaheim
Largest Chile, 12" long, great for Chile Rellenos,
Medium Heat.
Nu Mex Joe Parker (Chile)Nu Mex Joe Parker (Chile)
Peppers are mildly hot and turn from green to red when mature.
Orange Scotch Bonnet
We love scotch bonnets and are continually challenged by their long growing season (120 days) in order to get that delicious smokey and fiery hot pepper that we crave. This year we are planting them in the tunnels to see if we get the flavor we are looking for.

Heirloom Padron is the latest craze with innovative chefs!These are small thin-skinned peppers from Spain and are mild when they are young and great to saute whole in olive oil with a dash of salt for tapas with a surprise because the peppers range in their hotness (more mature peppers will all get hot. They are comparable, but hotter than Shishito from Japan.

Hot Jalapeno Chile El JefePurple Serrano
Create beautiful salsa and hot pickles by combining these with the regular green Serrano peppers.
Red Cayenne (very hot)Red Cayenne (very hot)
HOT but delightfully pungent in flavor! For pickling, canning or drying. Six inch long, one-half inch thin, green fruits that turn red when mature.
Red Flame
Excellent flavor - sweet and hot - quick drying 6-6.5" long.

Red Rocket (Chile)Red Rocket (Chile)
Early ristra pepper. Tapered, thin-walled, 5-6" long fruits. Dries quickly to a bright crimson red. Dried fruits have tender flesh which is nice and soft when cooked.
Rey Pakal
Beautiful Red Habanero, slightly less than the hottest habanero - but still ridicously hot.

Ring-Of-Fire (Chile)Ring-Of-Fire (Chile)
Peppers are very hot and turn from green to red when mature. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Excellent dried and used as pepper flakes.
Hot Jalapeno Chile El JefeRoyal Black
This is the blackest pepper we grow. Its small, grows on a gorgeous purple plant, dark stems and pretty purple flowers. Very hot.
San Ardo
Dark green fruit has a mild heat. Fresh and green, poblanos are used for chile rellenos and also dried.

Serrano Del Sol Serrano Del Sol
Large Serrano, pungent like a jalapeno - versatile for sauces, salsa, or flavoring.
Large dark Poblano great for chile relleno.

Time Bomb
Big bright red hot cherry peppers, thick walled peppers 2" wide and long - medium hot perfect for pickling or stuffing.

Serrano Del Sol White Habanero
This Caribbean variety is a favorite for its smoky taste and extreme heat. Ornamental and unique.

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